twirls around rrRReallyl. .. .THANK U STROKES YOUR FACE 

sorry it 12 am and i just told like 1/3 of the reasons of why i love mafumafu 

mafumafu is so precious and loveable i love him so much hes a husband material his body is so weAK but hes SO independent i mean seirously who the HECK mixes all songs and makes more songs and arrange your own songs and SINGS YOUR OWN SONGS for ur album yes, im talking about setsuna iro syndrome ohhh mYGod i want to RUFFLE HIS HAIR good boy mafu good boy i want to hug him why is he making sad songs nnonoon.. sometimes i think about his latest song the heart of toys and a fantasy world what if hes talking about himself yknow hes so awkward and hes afraid of talking IM SO GLAD he became an utaite and found like tons of friends and gained ALOT of fans we love you so much youre so precious i tearing up why do u exist i hate u mr mafumafu 

god damn it i love mafu so much i want to cry hwhhw wh wy HWy 

the mafuteru speaks

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