Tokyo Ghoul - Uta

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黒コノハ EP 12

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Umm whats the name of that game that soraru plays in his phone?? I forgot the name hehee

dragon quest and klee and love live

do you know what soraru's 0803SSA on twitter mean? Is it an event he's attending?

SSA stands for Super Saitama Arena!! YEAH HES ATTENDING mafu is also attending ahe

Do you know what kind of iphone soraru uses??

soraru uses iphone 5s gold!! (hipster)

do u ever think that there might be someone following you and your posts/tweets and supporting you silently, Amachu the Meme fetus ? ehuehuehue

GASPs,!! i , dont think so i mean WHY WOULD ,you do that im so lame
BUT IF THERE IS … someone, even one person „ then tHE MEME, fetus will appreciate that very much//!!! 

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